Monday, June 28, 2010

sunburned vs. sunkissed... the difference?

Hey guys! So sorry i haven't been blogging for a while, but i'm here,and ready to blog!!!! :)
so first off, i've been in Truth or Consequences since.. sometime last week and i'm now in Texas. I'm currently listening to my mother and her friend talk about what they're going to cook the salmon in... :/ Well.. mrs interesting.... But T or C was GREAT!!! it was very hot but it had a cool breeze! very nice for tanning :)... and sunburning. I got sunburned on the BACK of my legs... :/ what!?!? i know, how does that even happen? i also got burned on my face.. its currently peeling and disgusting!! :P Yuck.. anyway, I came inside from tanning and swimming in the lake for 4 hours and looked at my tan line... OH MY GOSH!!! i swear i looked black!!!! :O

Ok, first of all, it's even a miracle i got IN the water at all. 3 reasons. 1. there are BIG carp 2. the water ranges from 6 to 80 feet in depth 3. you can't see what's below you!!! so getting in was a miracle all in its own.

If anyone every tells you that you should get a jack russell terrier, tell them that's absolutely not even an option! Long story short, Sugar (the dogs name) was the dictionary definition of bi-polar/PMS i swear!! one minute, she'd be licking you, the next she'd be biting you at the same time... no joke.. she barked (LOUDLY) at every freaking dog or person (mostly men) she passed.. i'm just gonna save you the time by saying NO!! :P

It must be monsoon season there, cuz it was raining.. no my mistake, POURING, EVERY AFTERNOON. Not one day went by when we weren't pounded by wind and rain! Don't get me wrong i loooove storms, but when you're on a boat/dock floating above 80 feet of water (yes the dock floats..) it's not as pretty as sitting in your safe house watching the clouds roll by.

Now about the boat's "issues'' for lack of a better word. So the storm comes and goes and me and my mom's friend are playing poker when we start hearing this mysterious beeping.. it happens every 10 seconds or so. it's very tolerable at first but when we're trying to figure it out, and it gets longer, faster, and louder, lets just say it got less tolerable. Considering it was the propane alarm. :/ yeahhhhhh, not so good.. well then, another alarm started going off but it was higher, more frequent, and much less tolerable.. >:( by now, i'm starting to get ticked!! no one is listening and i'm scared!!! but eventually (two days later) we figured it out and i still have NO IDEA what it was about.

phew... fun trip huh?
got to go..
fingers tired..
eyes drooping..
more later...
luv ya
<3, Juliet

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