Monday, June 7, 2010

My busy summer continued!!

Hello again everyone! :] I'm back and ready to blog my little heart out!!! So after Lexi left on Friday, I had two days until I had to get back to work.. Pheww.. Busy Bee huh? That's me. Well anyway, today was the first day of our Cordova VBS in Cordova Village. It was H-O-T!!!! Like 100 degrees or more in the cooler parts of the day.. :P Well, C.J. is coming, but Mariah isn't so this is going to be the main week to talk to him and get him to reminise a little and remember that we used to talk.. :]

We'll be meeting at the church at about 7:50 ish and leaving at around 8:00. We drive to Cordova Village where we meet in the ramada in the apartment complex.. At around 9:00 we blast loud Christian rap/rock/hip hop... and get everyone to get outside and PARTAY!!!!!!!!!

The first thing we do is me and a friend get to lead the music in the beginning.. Today's was actually VERY fun. It was sorta awkward at first dancing in front of my pupil's but Ieventually got used to it.. :] Anyway, after that, Bobby told the four kids we had about Moses.. Then we led them over to the crafts. My youth leader felt that there were too many kids and they were too overpowering to them, so they had us split up into groups of two and go door to door asking people to bring their kids tomorrow. We went to about 130 doors total (not just me and katie, but the entire group) about 50 answered, and about 7-10 are maybe bringing their kids tomorrow..

Oooo a funny story, we saw a little girl walking along the sidewalk. My pastor told me and Katie to go see her and see if she wants to come to VBS. We followed her, but when we turned the corner, she was nowhere in sight. We'd lost 'er.. :[ There was an apartment with an open door so we checked there.. The lady told me, "I don't speak English" in perfect English.. uh huh..
Weeeeeelll, thats about it for today, I'll update ya tomorrow or Wednesday. :] Talk toos ya laterrrrr grrr. <3

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