Tuesday, June 29, 2010

High School

Hey guys, quick blog today. I've just realized something VERY important!! High school is coming... and fast!! 44 days! I've been counting. Now half the people say that high school is nothing to worry about and it's not as scary as people say it is. The other half says, "ooh high school, good luck.." I'm not sure which one to believe.. If you have any thoughts about high school, please leave a comment :) I'd appreciate it! Thanks.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Dear Serena,

My dear Serena,

I read your blog and I would like to write you some encouraging words!
First of all, when this exact thing happened with me, I needed some one to come and say some encouraging things to me to lift me up but nobody did so i had to do it myself.. It's not funn and it makes you DEPRESSED and i don't want that to happen to you so here it goes :)

First of all, I want you to TRULY take a step back and ask yourself, almost as a different person with the knowledge you have about him, if and why you TRULY like him?? Then you can decide if he's even worth it. If not, I want you to call me, and we'll get some chocolate, ice cream, bubble gum and watch HOURS of Gossip Girl or The Simpsons or whatever you want until you decide he's not worth your time :) If he is, I want you to call me and we'll get some chocolate, ice cream, bubble gum and watch HOURS of Gossip Girl or The Simpsons or whatever you want until we fall asleep laughing at how stupid boys are!!! :) haha so if we can't get together right away, we'll just have to postpone it until we can, but until then, I want you to get into your p.j.'s don't put on make up or fix your hair, then sit here with a bucket of Reesee's reading these quotes!!

WARNING: These quotes might lift your mood so much you feel like flying, so don't injure yourself!!! :)

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.

Tough times never last, but tough people do.

Arise awake and stop not till the goal is reached.

I walk slowly, but I never walk backward

Some of the greatest battles will be fought within the silent chambers of your own soul.

To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom.

Little minds have little worries, big minds have no time for worries

When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.

The only thing that overcomes hard luck is hard work.

Obstacles don't have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don't turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.

I LOVE YOU!!! :)

sunburned vs. sunkissed... the difference?

Hey guys! So sorry i haven't been blogging for a while, but i'm here,and ready to blog!!!! :)
so first off, i've been in Truth or Consequences since.. sometime last week and i'm now in Texas. I'm currently listening to my mother and her friend talk about what they're going to cook the salmon in... :/ Well.. mrs interesting.... But T or C was GREAT!!! it was very hot but it had a cool breeze! very nice for tanning :)... and sunburning. I got sunburned on the BACK of my legs... :/ what!?!? i know, how does that even happen? i also got burned on my face.. its currently peeling and disgusting!! :P Yuck.. anyway, I came inside from tanning and swimming in the lake for 4 hours and looked at my tan line... OH MY GOSH!!! i swear i looked black!!!! :O

Ok, first of all, it's even a miracle i got IN the water at all. 3 reasons. 1. there are BIG carp 2. the water ranges from 6 to 80 feet in depth 3. you can't see what's below you!!! so getting in was a miracle all in its own.

If anyone every tells you that you should get a jack russell terrier, tell them that's absolutely not even an option! Long story short, Sugar (the dogs name) was the dictionary definition of bi-polar/PMS i swear!! one minute, she'd be licking you, the next she'd be biting you at the same time... no joke.. she barked (LOUDLY) at every freaking dog or person (mostly men) she passed.. i'm just gonna save you the time by saying NO!! :P

It must be monsoon season there, cuz it was raining.. no my mistake, POURING, EVERY AFTERNOON. Not one day went by when we weren't pounded by wind and rain! Don't get me wrong i loooove storms, but when you're on a boat/dock floating above 80 feet of water (yes the dock floats..) it's not as pretty as sitting in your safe house watching the clouds roll by.

Now about the boat's "issues'' for lack of a better word. So the storm comes and goes and me and my mom's friend are playing poker when we start hearing this mysterious beeping.. it happens every 10 seconds or so. it's very tolerable at first but when we're trying to figure it out, and it gets longer, faster, and louder, lets just say it got less tolerable. Considering it was the propane alarm. :/ yeahhhhhh, not so good.. well then, another alarm started going off but it was higher, more frequent, and much less tolerable.. >:( by now, i'm starting to get ticked!! no one is listening and i'm scared!!! but eventually (two days later) we figured it out and i still have NO IDEA what it was about.

phew... fun trip huh?
got to go..
fingers tired..
eyes drooping..
more later...
luv ya
<3, Juliet

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hey everyone! I'm here to give you an update on my summer. Well, yesterday was my birthday, and... I'm sick with a cold. On top of that, I woke up yesterday at about 1 am and I could barely open my eyes. They hurt really bad.. so i turned on my light to see what was going on. I couldn't open them very wide. From all I could see, my right eye was as red at Youtube's logo. o u c h.. yah well i didn't know what to do, so i just (tried) to go back to sleep. At about 7, i couldn't take it anymore, so I got up and my mom and dad said goodmorning and happy birthday to me, then they noticed my eye. Something was definitely wrong with it. They didn't know what so my mom called Costco and asked if we could come in. Then my parents gave me a birthday present... a brand new iPod!!!! YAY! Just what I wanted!! Phew, now what to do with my eye.. We went into Costco at about 10 and they told me they couldn't even look at my eye until 11:30.. REALLY?!?!?! My eye is swollen to the size of Big Bird's for Pete's sake!! Anyway, we waited until they called me in and told me that I either have a viral or bacterial infection, so they'd treat it like both.. They gave me eye drops that I have to put in for 7 days 4 times a day. :P This is my 2nd day on the drops and it's not very fun.. I can't really leave the house, put on makeup, put in my contacts, for SEVEN days!!!!! Grr.. looks like I'll have loooooooots of blogging time so keep up... hahaha byeee forrr noowwww..


Monday, June 7, 2010

My busy summer continued!!

Hello again everyone! :] I'm back and ready to blog my little heart out!!! So after Lexi left on Friday, I had two days until I had to get back to work.. Pheww.. Busy Bee huh? That's me. Well anyway, today was the first day of our Cordova VBS in Cordova Village. It was H-O-T!!!! Like 100 degrees or more in the cooler parts of the day.. :P Well, C.J. is coming, but Mariah isn't so this is going to be the main week to talk to him and get him to reminise a little and remember that we used to talk.. :]

We'll be meeting at the church at about 7:50 ish and leaving at around 8:00. We drive to Cordova Village where we meet in the ramada in the apartment complex.. At around 9:00 we blast loud Christian rap/rock/hip hop... and get everyone to get outside and PARTAY!!!!!!!!!

The first thing we do is me and a friend get to lead the music in the beginning.. Today's was actually VERY fun. It was sorta awkward at first dancing in front of my pupil's but Ieventually got used to it.. :] Anyway, after that, Bobby told the four kids we had about Moses.. Then we led them over to the crafts. My youth leader felt that there were too many kids and they were too overpowering to them, so they had us split up into groups of two and go door to door asking people to bring their kids tomorrow. We went to about 130 doors total (not just me and katie, but the entire group) about 50 answered, and about 7-10 are maybe bringing their kids tomorrow..

Oooo a funny story, we saw a little girl walking along the sidewalk. My pastor told me and Katie to go see her and see if she wants to come to VBS. We followed her, but when we turned the corner, she was nowhere in sight. We'd lost 'er.. :[ There was an apartment with an open door so we checked there.. The lady told me, "I don't speak English" in perfect English.. uh huh..
Weeeeeelll, thats about it for today, I'll update ya tomorrow or Wednesday. :] Talk toos ya laterrrrr grrr. <3

Saturday, June 5, 2010

My busy summer :]

Hello everyone!! Sooooo, basically, I'm sitting here in the library reading Serena's blog thinking to myself, "Ok, so look what she's up to.. Hmm well what are YOU doing this summer?" And that's why I made this post.. To inform you all of what I'm gonna be doing this summer. Ok here goes:

First of all, my summer -although not in Japan- is going to be very jam packed and filled with adventure, dares, sun, swimsuits, lemonade, f-r-i-e-n-d-s, and just plain weird experiences.. ;]

Ok so, I am going to be extremely busy doing things for my church this summer. For example, last weekend, I went to a yard sale and made about $80 worth of stuff; which may not sound like a lot, but considering i had about a milltion pairs of "elderly women" clothes my mom's friend gave me, add that to my 10 years worth of old toys, and that's pretty darn good.. :] So on Friday May 28, I had to go to the church and set up (which took a lot longer than I expected) but hey, i got it done in time to go to my friend's graduation party. Then, the next day, I had to wake up at 5 am to be at my church by 6.. *yawn* Then, we stayed there 'till 12!! Yes, you heard right.. 6 HOURS!!!!!! 6 hours of mid aged Mexicans coming in and asked for an expensive t-shirt for 25 cents... :/ Well anyway, when it was FINALLY over, I went over to my friend Holly's house and we went natación.. (that's swimming.. ;] just thought I'd try out my Español a little here and there.. You know, to get ready for next year)

So after the yard sale, I had a fairly small amount of time to myself to "re-coup" before summer REALLY started kicking off.. :] :/ So last Monday, my parents went to California for their anniversary trip (awww) and left me home alone with my friend Lexi. While they were gone, soooooo many weird things happened... like we had this guy's number so we called him at like 9 at night.. we just started talking to him. we didn't REALLY know him that well, but we knew of him and who he was.. His name is Jake and he's soooo funny. He had me and Lexi laughing pretty hard. Oh and another weird thing we did was we jumped the fence to the apartments and walke to CVS at like 9 at night.. Then last night, we decided we were going to clean my entire house until it sparkled!! It took us about 1 hour, but we did it. The house sparkled!! Then.. we had a craving.. for b-a-c-o-n.. yummm. Lexi doesn't like to microwave bacon, so she put grease in a pan and fried it.. I seriously should have taken a picture of it, but it was like sooooooooooo disgusting!!!! Needless to say, the house didn't exactly "sparkle" anymore, but it was still clean. Then at about 1 am we decided we were gonna go outside and wash my dog.. The water was seriously like 65 degrees so we had a pretty hard time getting Kody to stay in one place. Then when his bath was done, he looked pretty matted; Suddenly, an epiphany!! We would BLOW DRY HIM!!! :O well yeah not such a good idea. but i swear it sounded good in my head!! So we went through all this trouble trying to get him into my bath tub, then intelligent Lexi dares to point out that there isn't an outlet by my tub. So...we pick him back up and take the dripping, matted dog into my parents room -over the clean, fresh carpet. It ends up taking about an hour or so to blow dry him but once its finally done, we move on to the next task..Getting rid of the dirty mop water.. This is how our "experience" went:

"Ok let's go dump it out.."
"Does your mom have heels?"
"yeah why?"
"oooo we should wear them!!"
so we walk out of mah house wearing our short board shorts, big baggy t's, my mom's heels, and she's carrying a lamp and a janitors mop; while I'm rolling -or pushing- this big huge janitor's bucket down the street to the end of the caldesac. All of a sudden, Lexi turns around smacks me in the stomach with a mop.
"Ok you know in those movies where someone says, Hey look! then the person carrying something hits the person with whatever they're carrying?"
"that has NEVER happened to me before until now.. :]"
She's laughing SO hard it makes me laugh so hard we both can't breathe and we're SERIOUSLY so close to peeing our pants it's not eeeeven funny haha. ok..actually it is.. but whatever.. anyway, so we come back into my house and decide there's nothing else to do but watch the Bugs Life and Tarzan.. If you remember in the very beginning of Bugs Life when that leaf falls in front of the one poor ant and he screams "I'M LOOOOST!!" :] yahhh well i saw the little ant as the leaf was falling and I turned to Lexi and said, "that's you." then he scream I'm lost and we both peel over laughing!! haha

Ooooops.. wow I got uuuber carried away. I have to go, but I'll be back soooon and I promise I'll finish telling you all about mah busy summer ;]

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Only read this if you have time.. :]

Ok so if you have any relationship at all with me, you know that for 4 years, I have had this... "issue" or "journey" I'd say with this guy I met at church.. If you don't know what I'm talking about, I'll tell you.. I met him 4 years ago. He has b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l blonde, shaggy hair and stunning baby blue eyes!! He plays guitar and does motorcross. I know his family pretty well and I watch his little, adopted sisters after church sometimes. I hadn't really talked to him all that well until last year. I finally worked up the courage to get his e-mail address *blush* :) and we started a little pattern. He would email me at about 11:30 everyday, and I'd get on in my tech class (when I wasn't supposed to) and email him back.. :) We had that goin on for a while, then I learned something.. He had a girlfriend.. Her name is Eryn and I HATED her for going out with him!!! I despised and detested her with everything I had!!! She stole my man ;) and she didn't even TALK to him when they were rarely together.. It infuriated me!! Anyway, we had our upcoming trip to Cali with the church. Since we go to Knotts Berry Farm, I thought it would be a good idea to ask him to go on the Silver Bullet with me; so i asked him.. Luckily, he said sure but when the time came, I could NOT find him for the life of me!!! I searched for 3 HOURS.. (waste of time by the way) and when i FINALLY found him, i was too afraid to go up and ask him to go on the ride.. >:( GRRRRRRR!! After Cali, we didn't talk much, so I sorta let things hang low between us for a bit until I found out that him and Eryn weren't dating anymore!!! Cha ching!!!! score, maybe FINALLY i can have a chance with him.. *Hoping hoping hoping* ....mmmmm nope.. February of this year.. he gets yet another girl.. her name is Mariah.. wait wait.. WHAT?!?! The Mariah I've known since 5th grade?? The one I said would eventually end up dating him?? THAT Mariah?? No way.. Yes way, ok great well i actually like her so woopie for you Mariah, I can't hate you.. Why? Cuz he's happy.. :/ great.. so what do I do now? He's happy, she's happy, I still can't get him out of my head. I know for a fact that I am never ever going to get over him so do I just wait?? I'm afraid if I talk to him, I'll tick him off and he won't talk to me. People say "get over him, he's not worth it.." but I beg to differ!! DON'T tell me to get over him becuz you're wasting your time.