Saturday, June 5, 2010

My busy summer :]

Hello everyone!! Sooooo, basically, I'm sitting here in the library reading Serena's blog thinking to myself, "Ok, so look what she's up to.. Hmm well what are YOU doing this summer?" And that's why I made this post.. To inform you all of what I'm gonna be doing this summer. Ok here goes:

First of all, my summer -although not in Japan- is going to be very jam packed and filled with adventure, dares, sun, swimsuits, lemonade, f-r-i-e-n-d-s, and just plain weird experiences.. ;]

Ok so, I am going to be extremely busy doing things for my church this summer. For example, last weekend, I went to a yard sale and made about $80 worth of stuff; which may not sound like a lot, but considering i had about a milltion pairs of "elderly women" clothes my mom's friend gave me, add that to my 10 years worth of old toys, and that's pretty darn good.. :] So on Friday May 28, I had to go to the church and set up (which took a lot longer than I expected) but hey, i got it done in time to go to my friend's graduation party. Then, the next day, I had to wake up at 5 am to be at my church by 6.. *yawn* Then, we stayed there 'till 12!! Yes, you heard right.. 6 HOURS!!!!!! 6 hours of mid aged Mexicans coming in and asked for an expensive t-shirt for 25 cents... :/ Well anyway, when it was FINALLY over, I went over to my friend Holly's house and we went natación.. (that's swimming.. ;] just thought I'd try out my Español a little here and there.. You know, to get ready for next year)

So after the yard sale, I had a fairly small amount of time to myself to "re-coup" before summer REALLY started kicking off.. :] :/ So last Monday, my parents went to California for their anniversary trip (awww) and left me home alone with my friend Lexi. While they were gone, soooooo many weird things happened... like we had this guy's number so we called him at like 9 at night.. we just started talking to him. we didn't REALLY know him that well, but we knew of him and who he was.. His name is Jake and he's soooo funny. He had me and Lexi laughing pretty hard. Oh and another weird thing we did was we jumped the fence to the apartments and walke to CVS at like 9 at night.. Then last night, we decided we were going to clean my entire house until it sparkled!! It took us about 1 hour, but we did it. The house sparkled!! Then.. we had a craving.. for b-a-c-o-n.. yummm. Lexi doesn't like to microwave bacon, so she put grease in a pan and fried it.. I seriously should have taken a picture of it, but it was like sooooooooooo disgusting!!!! Needless to say, the house didn't exactly "sparkle" anymore, but it was still clean. Then at about 1 am we decided we were gonna go outside and wash my dog.. The water was seriously like 65 degrees so we had a pretty hard time getting Kody to stay in one place. Then when his bath was done, he looked pretty matted; Suddenly, an epiphany!! We would BLOW DRY HIM!!! :O well yeah not such a good idea. but i swear it sounded good in my head!! So we went through all this trouble trying to get him into my bath tub, then intelligent Lexi dares to point out that there isn't an outlet by my tub. So...we pick him back up and take the dripping, matted dog into my parents room -over the clean, fresh carpet. It ends up taking about an hour or so to blow dry him but once its finally done, we move on to the next task..Getting rid of the dirty mop water.. This is how our "experience" went:

"Ok let's go dump it out.."
"Does your mom have heels?"
"yeah why?"
"oooo we should wear them!!"
so we walk out of mah house wearing our short board shorts, big baggy t's, my mom's heels, and she's carrying a lamp and a janitors mop; while I'm rolling -or pushing- this big huge janitor's bucket down the street to the end of the caldesac. All of a sudden, Lexi turns around smacks me in the stomach with a mop.
"Ok you know in those movies where someone says, Hey look! then the person carrying something hits the person with whatever they're carrying?"
"that has NEVER happened to me before until now.. :]"
She's laughing SO hard it makes me laugh so hard we both can't breathe and we're SERIOUSLY so close to peeing our pants it's not eeeeven funny haha. ok..actually it is.. but whatever.. anyway, so we come back into my house and decide there's nothing else to do but watch the Bugs Life and Tarzan.. If you remember in the very beginning of Bugs Life when that leaf falls in front of the one poor ant and he screams "I'M LOOOOST!!" :] yahhh well i saw the little ant as the leaf was falling and I turned to Lexi and said, "that's you." then he scream I'm lost and we both peel over laughing!! haha

Ooooops.. wow I got uuuber carried away. I have to go, but I'll be back soooon and I promise I'll finish telling you all about mah busy summer ;]

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