Thursday, June 3, 2010

Only read this if you have time.. :]

Ok so if you have any relationship at all with me, you know that for 4 years, I have had this... "issue" or "journey" I'd say with this guy I met at church.. If you don't know what I'm talking about, I'll tell you.. I met him 4 years ago. He has b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l blonde, shaggy hair and stunning baby blue eyes!! He plays guitar and does motorcross. I know his family pretty well and I watch his little, adopted sisters after church sometimes. I hadn't really talked to him all that well until last year. I finally worked up the courage to get his e-mail address *blush* :) and we started a little pattern. He would email me at about 11:30 everyday, and I'd get on in my tech class (when I wasn't supposed to) and email him back.. :) We had that goin on for a while, then I learned something.. He had a girlfriend.. Her name is Eryn and I HATED her for going out with him!!! I despised and detested her with everything I had!!! She stole my man ;) and she didn't even TALK to him when they were rarely together.. It infuriated me!! Anyway, we had our upcoming trip to Cali with the church. Since we go to Knotts Berry Farm, I thought it would be a good idea to ask him to go on the Silver Bullet with me; so i asked him.. Luckily, he said sure but when the time came, I could NOT find him for the life of me!!! I searched for 3 HOURS.. (waste of time by the way) and when i FINALLY found him, i was too afraid to go up and ask him to go on the ride.. >:( GRRRRRRR!! After Cali, we didn't talk much, so I sorta let things hang low between us for a bit until I found out that him and Eryn weren't dating anymore!!! Cha ching!!!! score, maybe FINALLY i can have a chance with him.. *Hoping hoping hoping* ....mmmmm nope.. February of this year.. he gets yet another girl.. her name is Mariah.. wait wait.. WHAT?!?! The Mariah I've known since 5th grade?? The one I said would eventually end up dating him?? THAT Mariah?? No way.. Yes way, ok great well i actually like her so woopie for you Mariah, I can't hate you.. Why? Cuz he's happy.. :/ great.. so what do I do now? He's happy, she's happy, I still can't get him out of my head. I know for a fact that I am never ever going to get over him so do I just wait?? I'm afraid if I talk to him, I'll tick him off and he won't talk to me. People say "get over him, he's not worth it.." but I beg to differ!! DON'T tell me to get over him becuz you're wasting your time.

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